Monday, August 31 - CD of the Month: Hans Christian - Nanda Devi

A founding member of the duo Rasa, Hans Christian has been charting a solo path for the last eight years or so, bringing together an ensemble of cello, Swedish nyckelharpa, Indian sarangi and sitara, lap steel and electric guitar, bass, zithers, percussion and more.

Tuesday, September 1 - Interview Arstidir

Their name means "seasons" and their music is a merging of Crosby, Stills and Nash-style harmonies, chamber music, and the ambient sound typical of Iceland, where they live.

Wednesday, September 2 - Interview: Robert Rich

Get out your dictionary and put on your thinking cap when we talk to Robert Rich, one of the most cerebral of electronic artists. He discusses the deep scientific theories behind his latest album, Filaments.

Today's Program

Wednesday, September 2, 2015-Echoes Program 1535C

Robert Rich Live on Echoes

Robert Rich is one of the most conceptual and cerebral electronic artists. But while his albums always have complex theories, philosophies and aspirations behind them, his music is a sensual, mind-spinning dream. He talks about his latest album, Filaments and the sound of the universe.

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Echoes Top 25 for August 2015

Cook-One World

The Echoes Top 25 for August fines Jesse Cook’s CD of the Month at the top, followed by July’s CD pick, Heather Woods Broderick’s Glider. Look at the bottom and you’ll see next months #1 album, our September CD of the Month, Hans Christian’s Nanda Devi.