Monday, March 27 - In Concert: From Indian Lakes

The band called From Indian Lakes is a vehicle for Joey Vannucchi who started as a punk rocker. But he’s mellowed considerably in his young age. He comes in with his band to play their intimate dream pop live.

Tuesday, March 28 - Interview: Morton Subotnick

Morton Subotnick's 1967 album, Silver Apples of the Moon, signaled a new way of making music that only used electronics. We travel to Subotnick Mission Control to talk to this inventive musician.

Wednesday, March 29 - Nordic Dreams

From Sigur Ros to Agnes Obel, Erik Wøllo to Ane Brun we’ll hear the sound coming out of Scandinavian musicians that seems to emerge from the other side of consciousness.

Thursday, March 30 - New Music

We'll hear music from the Arab underground when we hear Yasmine Hamdan. We’ll also hear new music from Clannad’s Moya Brennan from her album, Canvas.

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