Monday, April 20 - Living Room Concert: Robert Rich

On his latest album, Filaments, Robert Rich’s tribal grooves, space synthesizers, glissando lap steel guitar and flutes create an exotic sonic world. It draws from the breadth of global and electronic music, creating a sound that is as sensual as it is cerebral.

Tuesday, April 21 - Interview: Johan Agebjörn

Johan Agebjörn recently released the album Notes, an ambitious song cycle exploring chamber and electronic moods with singers, including Sally Shapiro and Loney Dear. We talk to Johan Agebjörn about music that’s influenced by his children, and their toy instruments.

Wednesday, April 22 - An Earth Day Soundscape

We’ve got a soundscape of music drawn from the earth with musicians celebrating the landscape and using natural sounds. You’ll hear anthems for whales and manatees, forests and mountains, oceans deep and rivers wide.

Thursday, April 23 - New Music

We'll hear new a recording by singer Cassandra Wilson, who takes the music of Billie Holiday and turns it into dark, moody meditations. We’ll hear new music from Estonia by guitarist Robert Jürjendal.

Friday, April 24 - Slow Flow Friday

Slow Flow Friday is an all-instrumental soundscape to take you into the weekend. This week, we'll hear a meditative mix of global cellos from Hans Christian and David Darling, ambient spaces from Erik Wollo and the waiting lounge of Brian Eno’s Music for Airports.

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Echoes Top 25 for March 2015


Echoes Top 25 for March finds Lanterna’s CD of the Month, “Backyards” on top. It’s followed by April’s CD pick, Tangerine Dream’s “Supernormal” and February’s selection, Fernwood’s “Arcadia.”