Monday, May 22 - Interview: Suzanne Ciani

Suzanne Ciani was a leading figure in New Age music, but behind her sweet, classically-derived piano music was an avant-gardist who came of age with the Buchla modular synthesizer in the 1970s. She’s returned to that instrument and found her career reborn.

Tuesday, May 23: In Concert: Wilsen

Tamsin Wilson is an English singer who records in the group Wilsen, creating evocative pop songs with some surprising imagery. She’s just released her album, I Go Missing In My Sleep. Wilsen comes in to play live.

Wednesday, May 24 - Interview: Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield is best known for his epic album, Tubular Bells, but one of his most beloved recordings is 1975’s Ommadawn. Oldfield spins back to that time with a new album, Return to Ommadawn.

Thursday, May 25 - New Music

We'll check out a new collaboration between the Decemberists and Olivia Chaney called Offa Rex. We’ll also hear an ode to Coachella by Lana Del Rey.

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