Monday, May 4 - Echoes CD of the Month

Skeleton Keys is the latest album from legendary electronic musician Steve Roach. He returns to his analog roots for an album of furious sequencer syncopations.

Tuesday, May 5 - Interview: Bing & Ruth

On their latest recording, Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, Bing & Ruth mixes reed instruments, two double basses, cello and delay electronics in a haunting, hypnotic ambient chamber music sound, influenced by Brian Eno, minimalism, Arvo Part and ambient jazz.

Wednesday, May 6 - Echoes Undercover

You could hear Led Zeppelin played on cellos, The Beatles performed as folk music, and Mike Oldfield deployed over 3 acoustic guitars. It’s an all-covers show on Echoes Undercover.

Thursday, May 7 - New Music

We'll hear a new recording from singer Heather Woods Broderick, from her ethereal new album called Glider. We’ll also hear from trumpeter Jeff Oster who explores his ambient jazz on a new album called Next.

Friday, May 8 - Slow Flow Friday

It’s another Slow Flow Friday with guitar orchestrations from Robert Jürjendal, Ambient Americana by Balmorhea and a percussion dream from the Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart. This is the contemplative spacey dreamy side of Echoes for chilling out after a long week on the job.

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