Wednesday, July 1 - An interview with Bing and Ruth

Bing and Ruth mixes reed instruments, two double basses, cello and delay electronics in a haunting, hypnotic ambient chamber music sound, influenced by Brian Eno, minimalism, Arvo Part, and ambient jazz. They talk about their unusual and contemplative path.

Thursday, July 2: New Music

We'll hear new recordings from Silencio, who write music inspired by David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti, and from the reissue of Manual’s signature album, Azure Vista with new live bonus tracks.

Friday, July 3 - Ambient Americana

It’s a different kind of July Fourth show, featuring the sound of Twanquility, as we hear music that sounds like it rose off the floor of the plains and ascended into the skies.

Today's Program

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The Best of 2015…So Far

Robert Rich-Filaments

We pick the Best Echoes CDs of the Year at the halfway point. John Diliberto them runs them down from #25 to number 1. It begins with a band we’ve never heard of before and ends with an Icon of Echoes. We’ll hear from artists who put out signature releases, others reaching for ambitious highs and still others reflecting on very long careers.