Monday, May 25 - Living Room Concert with Bing & Ruth

Bing & Ruth comes in to play their haunting, slow flowing music live. Headed up by pianist David Moore, they mix reed instruments, double double basses, cello, and delay electronics in a haunting, hypnotic ambient chamber music sound. They play live on Echoes.

Wednesday, May 27 - A Living Room Concert with Kaki King

Finger-style guitar icon Kaki King has a new multi-media project called The Neck is a Bridge to the Body, a creation story and history of the guitar using the guitar itself as a projection screen. You’ll hear one of the masters of the instrument unfolding her own story when she plays live on Echoes.

Thursday, May 21 - New Music

We'll hear recent albums by the band called The Weather Station. We’ll also hear new music from Keith Jarrett who celebrates his 70th birthday this year.

Friday, May 22 - Slow Flow Friday

It’s another Slow Flow Friday with some ambient jazz when we dive into Jeff Oster’s new album, Next and A Good Place to Be by Another Fine Day. We’ll also hear from Steve Roach off his May CD of the Month, Skeleton Keys.

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