Monday, October 5 - CD of the Month: Slow Meadow

We open fall with an autumnal CD of the Month, the debut album by Slow Meadow. That's the performance name of Matt Kidd, and as Slow Meadow he has developed an introspective, serene Ambient Chamber sound.

Tuesday, October 6 - Live in Concert: Farao

Farao is the Norse way of spelling Pharaoh and it’s the name taken by Norwegian singer Kari Jahnsen. She traveled to Iceland to record her album and absorbed that country's moody vibes. She comes in to sing music from her latest album, Till It’s All Forgotten, live.

Wednesday, October 7 - Interview: Anima

The English duo Anima is steeped in shamanic mysticism, psychedelic plants and electronic music. Their latest album is called Sacred Alliance. They talk about living with South American shaman and making music inspired by Ayahuasca as much as Atlantis.

Friday, October 9 - Slow Flow Friday

It's another Slow Flow Friday, featuring long sets of instrumental music. This episode features music from Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, and a new album of Ambient Chamber music from Kevin Keller.

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Featured CD

October 2015 CD of the Month – Slow Meadow

slow meadow

We open fall with an autumnal CD of the Month, the debut album by Slow Meadow. Slow Meadow is Matt Kidd who previously made music as Aural Method. With the guidance of the post-rock band Hammock, Slow Meadow creates a serene expanse of elongated melodies and deep textures. This is music that owes as much to Arvo Pärt as Brian Eno.

Top 25

Echoes Top 25 for September 2015

Hans Christian - Nanda Devi

Hans Christian’s Nanda Devi, the CD of the Month, leads the Echoes Top 25 for September. He’s followed closely by Silencio, Arstidir, and Briana Marela, all of whom played live on Echoes this month.