Monday, September 1 - Echoes CD of the Month

Tigerforest is the recording persona of Gunnar Spardel. He creates a lush electronic sound full of spiraling melodies, propulsive rhythms and kaleidoscopic colors. His album, The Tides of Day and Night is the September CD of the Month.

Tuesday, September 2 - An interview with Yoed Nir

Yoed Nir is an Israeli born cellist steeped in classical music that took a left turn into rock, accompanying artists like Regina Spector and Rufus Wainright. As a solo artist, he layers his cello in looping designs and electronic processes, making a fantasy chamber music that’s part symphony and part Hendrix.

Wednesday, September 3 - Interview: Pat Metheny

A couple of years ago, Pat Metheny launched his Orchestrion, a mechanical orchestra that filled a concert hall stage. We go back to our interview with Pat Metheny, who talks about the concepts behind this Rube Goldberg device.

Friday, September 5

New music from Hiroko Okano’s new CD .JP and Steve Roach’s Spiral Meditations.

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